Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I Put A Spell On You

Why do they always list my proper name? Why?

Part of the conference yesterday included a dinner at the House of Blues. It was alright. Sort of lame to be honest and the food was, at best, okay. It's really nothing but a huge ass tourist trap with trendy artwork all over the walls and a bunch of weird "private" party rooms to make you feel special. Of course there's a gift shop on the way out so you can buy your stupid HOB t-shirts and pint glasses. Lame.

Regardless what I think..here's some photos from the HOB to entertain you.

Some of the artwork in the dining room. I think a 13 year old did this.

A painting of Screamin' Jay Hawkins greets you at the enterence into the main stage for The House of Blues.

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