Monday, February 26, 2007

It IS Robin Adams fault

Let me tell you a little bit about my friend Robin. Robin is an ex co-worker/ex band mate/ current colleague/ friend of mine. He loves small cars, seems like he's always going on a trip somewhere, was recently called "edgy" (he's kind of proud of that) and is a die hard Philadelphia Flyer's least I think he's die hard. He is loyal to his Cingular Wireless service (as I to Robin), loves garage rock, and is much much taller in person. Oh, and he also claims to be a really good bowler, actually I think he said he was a GREAT bowler. And he also claims to make a "mean" chili. I can pretty much vouch for everything except the bowling or the chili.

I recently set my AIM away message to "It's Robin Adams fault" and walked away to a meeting. When I returned I found an IM from my friend Jennie with this little story:

"I don't know Robin Adams very well, but I once subbed for a radio show right after his and he left such a disgusting mess in the studio that I complained about it on the air for several minutes--I believe I used those exact words, "it's Robin Adams fault."

just thought I'd share that."

Thank you for sharing that story Jennie.

Look at him in that photo. Damn him and his stupid life of luxury.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Please explain this to me

I came into work the other day and saw this hanging from the wall. Yeah, it's exactly what you see. Two old ladies sitting on chairs high up on a wall. It's very creepy and weird.

Please lord, make them go away.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Take that you tech nerds


Wow. This guy just gave all of you tech nerds a verbal bitch slapping. Wait a minute. I'm a tech nerd. So are you saying I shouldn't bother with the new cell phone from Apple?

Friday, February 16, 2007

Sweet Kelly O Mine

It just goes to show you that none of my text votes were wasted during the first season of American Idol.......and CHECK OUT THAT BAND!! Metal Skool rulez!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Screw you mother nature!

WTF! Look at all that snow! My car is under there....somewhere.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nothing Broke

I really wasn’t going to address this but since everyone has been asking, here goes. My foot was run over by a VW Golf. A little black one to be exact.....with Michigan plates. It sounds stupid, but that’s what happened. It happened when the driver was backing out and turned his wheel. The front end of the car swung around and rode right over my foot and a little bit up my ankle. When I realized there was a fucking German car sitting on my left foot, I immediately pounded on the hood of the car and said something along the line of “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...AHHHH...YOU’RE ON MY FOOT....YOU’RE ON MY FOOOOOT....AHHHHHHHHH!”, that’s what I said. I’m sure of it. The driver of the car looked a little startled and immediately realized what was going on. He put his VW Golf in drive and removed his car off of my foot. Since his parents raised him right, the young man got out and asked me if I was okay. At the time, my foot seemed fine. The whole thing took place in about 20 seconds. It just stung a little bit. So I told him I was good and said don’t worry about it and both of us went on our separate merry ways. But the next day was a different story. I woke up, crawled out of bed, put my foot down and it felt like it was on fire. I drove myself to one of those medical facilities that’s not the hospital but not your regular doctors office. They checked me in and sent me down the hall for x-rays. And when I say “down the hall” I mean, they sent me ALL THE WAY ACROSS TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING...and, AND, without a wheelchair! So I hobbled to the x-ray place where this kind lady took my x-rays and sent me hobbling ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BUILDING back to the medical facility. I sat in a room for about 10 minutes reading an old People magazine from 2003, which was bullshit. C’mon..the magazine is 4 years old. Surely you’ve gotten new magazines since then. Anyway, the doctor came and realized they x-rayed the wrong part of my foot. So, I had to get up, hobble ALL THE WAY BACK TO......well, you get the point...I had to go back to the x-ray room. The woman, took me back into the room for more x-rays and then sent me back to the doctor where I sat in the room flipping through the same old People magazine from 2003. The doctor came back in and said everything looked fine. I had bruised a bone (which I didn’t know you could do) and had a really bad sprain. They wrapped up my ankle, gave me some sweet crutches made out of what looked like some crazy futuristic metal from a UFO, which my friend was quick to say the futuristic metal was called “aluminum.....aluuuumminuum”. Yeah, whatever, my crutches are made out of futuristic metal and you are just jealous because I technically have a UFO sitting under my arm pits. Where was I? Oh, so they sent me and my beat up foot out the door and told me to check in with my regular doctor. And that’s about it. That’s the story of how I got hurt.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Girl Talk at Skidmore College

Pittsburgh, PA biomedical engineer Gregory Gillis, aka mash-up DJ artist GIRL TALK, played at Falstaffs on Skidmore College campus tonight. I was pretty sure it was going to suck but was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t. It was a great show, great turnout and a ton of fun. I don’t think I’d buy any of his recordings but I’d definitely go see him again. Check out some of the photos below.