Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A rare public political stance by yours truly...

Way to fuck shit up NBC. There's no fucking way I'm staying up past 11PM to watch Jimmy Fallon or Carson Daly.


Lindz said...

hi this is Lindz.

i heard one time that this blog says bad things about jews. someone told me it even says 'jewbag' on it in a negative tone. are you an antisemitic guy? what kind of hateful person says those things in a negative way about the jews, an angry asian guy?

i think that just because the world has more asian people like u than other kinds of people doesn't make u any better than anyone else. i'm just wondering why you hate jews if u can explain it that would be nice.

Bobby Carlton said...

What? Wrongo Lindz. I love Jewish people. I have many friends who are Jewish. Some half. Some full. Some quarter. I'm gonna have to gather up some of my Jewish friends for some testimonials of how I like them.

Though there is one Jewish person I don't like. She smells like meatloaf.

As for being an angry Asian guy....I mean...imagine everyone expecting you to be good at math and video games...and you're not! You'd be angry too.