Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Everyone on this side say "hey ho"

I heard a live version of Girls On Film by Duran Duran at work today. At one point lead singer, Simon LeBond asks the crowd to sing along and demands that only one side of the crowd sings. He then makes the other side sing and insists they sing louder. About midway through this I realized that I really fucking hate this when bands/performers ask you to do this bullshit. Just sing the fucking song. Right? I paid hard earned money to see you sing. I didn't pay to hear the people around me sing. Making me or the people around me sing is like making me work at your concert, and that's bullshit. I just want to stand there with my beverage in one hand, a lighter in my other hand so I can hold it above my head once and awhile and then tap my toes to the beat of the song. Maybe even dance a little bit. If I'm singing, I can't do all that shit. Especially if I'm holding a beverage. Don't make me fucking sing along. I don't want to sing along. I just want to go to the goddamn concert and hear you play the goddamn songs that you and your goddamn band wrote. How hard is that? Not that hard dude. Not that fucking hard. Next band/musician that asks me to sing along is going to get an ass kicking. Mark my words.

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