Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Cummer

There's a guy I work with a job #2 named Spencer. We call him "The Cummer" because one day he had a table of four sweet 50ish year old women. These women were supernice and were very happy with the service Spencer was providing. To show how much they appreciated him, they proceeded to give him a compliment which was meant to be very innocent, but to the deviant sounded pre-TAY pre-TAY pre-TAY dirty. They said he was a really great server because some servers come too quick. While others never come at all. Some come all the time over and over. But Spencer...he always comes at the right moment every single time.

Sidenote: I am laughing my ass off as I write this post. Yeah. I know. I'm immature.

In case you are wondering, my nickname at job #2 is Chuck Norris. Because Bruce Lee was a little too racist.

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