Monday, December 07, 2009

The sweater vest look

I look like a fucking idiot, don't I?


Lindz said...

yea, u look like an idiot is right. why do u post a new photo of yourself every time u do a blog post? i think u and 16 year old girls are the only people that do this so much. oh yea, and gay guys seem to do it a lot also. and just so u know, it is gross when u do that one face where u smoosh up your face in so many pics. get a new pose or something. ok, bye.

Bobby Carlton said...

Dear Lindz,
That is one of the best comments ever! You know..I have no idea why I post a photo of myself. I sort of feel like the post is boring without it. I'll try to be better about it in future posts. Thanks for the positive feedback.

PS. You're a bitch.

ally said...

lindz is whack. you're beautiful.

make more love to the camera, bobby!!

Lindz said...

beautiful? thats whats whack. u probably wear a sport bra to ur work. it is fucking sick and thats whats whack. and really super gross. Big Eroding Urinary Tract Infection and Fucked Up Labia, bobby? she said u r beautiful and what ally told me in private that she REALLY meant is this vagina disease. hehehehehe. u have a va-j-j. sounds like u da bitch now son!

yea, i used to play doctor in bushes outside in a backyard with my friend that was a girl before, so i know what u mean ally. i know how to say what disease is what. thank u very much (jk). i know u and bobby are sitting in a tree making love before marriage and then ur babiez are peeing in ur babie carriage!

and ally, so u know for next time just dont insult Lindz like that anyways. ima nice girl k?

so bobby i think u r pretty cute and handsome. and i tease u cuz i like u ;) ;) :)

Daniel B. said...

Even with the screwed up face and screwed down hairdo you do not look like a fucking idiot in the sweater vest.

For realz.

Or is it reels. I have no idea how 16 year old girls spell these days.

Bobby Carlton said...
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Daniel B. said...

I forgot to mention I'm a total butthole.