Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas movies

It's Christmas time folks. I'll probably be watching the following movies (in no specific order) at some point during the next couple of days while guzzling down two bottles of wine and eating frozen pizzas.

Home Alone - I still laugh my ass off when Kevin puts the spider on the dudes face. And the weird lonely neighbor that the kids are scared of.....that's future me.

Elf - Because Zooey Deschanel is freaking hot and I honestly just like the movie.

Scrooged - Bill Murray is in it and Bill Murray is funny.

When Harry Met Sally - Because I'm a hopeless romantic. I always get teary when Harry is alone on NYE and realizes that he loves Sally, and then runs to the party to tell Sally he loves her. RUN HARRY!!! RUN!!! I'm getting weepy now as I write this.

Star Wars Trilogy (original) - Because it's Star Wars. Lightsabers,the Millenium Falcon, Stormtroopers...... it's Star Wars.


Kristina said...

home alone is the best movie ever.

Dan said...

That last Christmas series was slightly unexpected. Also, I like to respond to posts way after the fact.

corrina jane said...

nothing says christmas like HOTH!!

- corrie (from the clinton st commune, durh)

jessica said...

since i was a wee lass my favorite part of the movie has also been the spider scene. that SCREAM is just SO GOOD.