Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finders keepers

While at job #2 the other day, I found this lying on the floor. AND IT WAS SIGNED ON THE BACK!!! The dude signed it! Don't people know that you don't sign checks until it's time to actually deposit them?

It's the closest I've ever been to owning an XBox 360. And though they don't know it. It's the closest my friends have ever been to a night of all you can eat pizza and all you can drink beer on me.

I tracked down the owner of the check and called him to let him know he lost a check and made him tell me how much the check was for to verify he was the owner. The weird thing is when I first had him on the phone he had no idea what I was talking about and then he says "Ohhhhhhh yeah...I forgot about that". Wealthy people really suck sometimes. When he came in to pick it up he was completely unappreciative. As a matter of fact he got annoyed that I made him show me his ID before I gave it to him. I didn't even lecture him about signing the back of check! He just took the check and left without saying thank you. I mean how hard is it to say thank you? It's two words. It's the word thank and the word you put together in one flowing sentence. Thank you. That's it. Just two words.

Oh well. I hope that guy is enjoying his XBox 360. And I hope his friends are enjoying their free pizza and beer.

As for me, I'm getting a free lunch and job #1 tomorrow.

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Dan said...

I know what you mean, I once found a ton of money that a guy had coming that he didn't know he had coming and he did say thank you but barely so. Hey it was a lot of money! Don't say "thank you" say "THANK YOU!"