Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Turkish delight

Really not much to mention today regarding todays adventure in Missouri other than the fact that I got a haircut from Turkish man. It was a first for me. You always remember your first time. While cutting my hair he told me I had an oddly shaped head. He kept saying in a heavy Turkish accent "your head..it's oddly shaped....you have a flat spot on the back...do you want me to cut it so it doesn't look so flat?" Wait...the back of my head is flat? No one ever told me that. The ladies at the JC Penny's Salon (don't judge) never told me it was flat. He took my hand and guided it over the flat spot. He was right. There's a flat spot. So I said sure...cut it so it looks good. Then he laughed. Bastard. Still. I liked him. He was a delight to talk with, and the back of my head doesn't look so flat.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your hotel room is a wreck. I'll never let you house sit for me.