Monday, October 19, 2009

Missouri likes company

Sometimes job #1 requires a bit of traveling. This week is one of those times. Got up at 5AM and took a 3 hour flight out to St Louis and then a 2 hour shuttle ride to Columbus. Here are todays high points.
Here's the view from my seat. The guy sitting behind me kept making these sighing noises the whole time. And would then tap on the window. Dick.

At one point I got separated from my boss. This is me lost at the St Louis airport.

This is funny because it actually says Fort Howard, but someone changed the "o" in fort to make it say fart. And then someone added the letter "h" between the "w" and "a" in Howard to make it say How Hard. People sure are funny.

Apparently ASAP at the California Pizza Kitchen means I'll get to you when I'm done talking to my boyfriend.
This is me and the boss. We sat in the sun and waited for our shuttle driver who seems to have forgotten about most standard driving laws.

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