Sunday, May 10, 2009

You live in Manhattan cocktail?

I love it when people say they live in New York city and then when you ask where in the city do they live they respond with...well..I'm actually outside of the city. Well what is it. You either live in the city or you don't.

Speaking of new summer drink is the Manhattan cocktail, which isn't very summer-like at least I don't think of them as being very summer-like. When I think of Manhattans I think of old relatives who have been dead for years or guys like Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr(FYI: They are dead too). Not hanging out on a patio somewhere downtown on a nice sunny summer afternoon sipping drinks with your buds. I'm embracing my old age. But at the same time I'm being a pioneer. I'm the new old and it's gonna be the summer of the Manhattan cocktail.

So today is mothers day. I have a mother. My daughter has a mother. I will be out doing all the things that celebrate mothers. Speaking of my daughter...I love her.


ally said...

i think of manhattans as summer cocktails. but you have to drink them on the rocks.

happy mothers day!

Lily said...

That is my dad's drink. I will drink one with you this summer. Or 5. But not in one sitting! Cocktails like that aren't supposed to be your drink of the night. I learned that lesson once upon a time. You may have been there.