Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love You Mom!

Click image for larger view. Don't stare.

I thought this was a little weird. I was walking around the mall today and stumbled across this window display at Victoria's Secret promoting something for Mothers Day. It's a giant photo of a busty half naked girl with the words "Love you Mom!" on it. Is it me or is that weird? I got three different takes out of this.

1) Mom bought daughter hot sexy lingerie and daughter took a photo of herself to send to mom to prove to mom how hot and sexy daughter looks in it with a note that says "Love you Mom!". To me that's a little weird.

2) Its telling you to buy lingerie for your mom so she can look hot and sexy..just like the girl in the photo. Who the fuck buys their mom sexy lingerie?

3) This photo is a photo of your hot single mom in her lingerie. In which case, if it there any chance she's into sad lonely guys who happen to still be in love with their ex-wife and has a daughter that he loves more than anything. Guys who can't seem to move forward with their life because they're holding on to hope that their ex would take em back, and would be okay with being dumped immediately if the ex-wife took them back. If so...then you should have her contact me....because I might know someone. He's a friend of mine.