Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cumby Stache

I know some of you find this hard to believe but I do shave. As a matter of fact I've been shaving for a few years now. Granted, I shave about once a month. It has something to do with my heritage. But hey, I'm shaving. The beard/stach, or as my friend use to call it, my *cumby stache was getting a tad thick so I got up extra early to shave off my facial growth.

I know you might not think it's possible. But I swear. Since I shaved, I think I can run faster now.

Check out that razor. It's a state of the art Gillette Fusion. Same razor that Tiger Woods and Roger Federer uses. Those guys are champions. I feel like a champion when I shave.

*A cumby stache is what you find on the faces of those weird pre-teens that hang out in front of your local Cumberland Farms mini mart on weekends.

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Kristina said...

there is a cumberland farms right next door to the health food store i work at. everyone calls it cumbys, obviously. the trashiest, dirtiest, and most drug ridden people crawl out of there. this one guy was perfect. he was wearing a black jean vest with a marlboro patch on it, no shirt underneath, black tapered jeans, work boots, a thick 5 o clock shadow, very tanned skin, salt and pepper hair, and he reeked of alcohol. mmm.

when i first started reading i thought you had made a typo. i said to myself, 'no way he knows about the cumby's loiterers!'

but i guess you do.