Friday, August 29, 2008

"How You Did That"

This is Moira. Pronounced MORE-AH. Not MOY-RA.

In the past month she's threatened to physically harm me with a golf club (see photo), promised me a pumpkin pie (never got it) and started a book club with me (she's read maybe 50 pages).

I once walked away from my desk and when I returned there was an IM from her. All it said was "idiot". That was it. Totally unprovoked.

When she talks it starts off like a statement and ends like a question.

She claims I've never said anything nice to her..this is probably true.

She can speak Italian and once showed me the hand gesture for "Your wife is sleeping with another man". Sadly I've already forgotten this gesture.

If you see this girl stumbling around the Boston area buy her a Molson for me...and find out if she's ever gonna bake that pumpkin pie for me.

In case you are wondering, the quote "How you did that" is from the time I made a backwards facebook post by typing backwards (I'm so clever) and Moira asked with enthusiasm.."How you did that" and I said "umm...I typed it backwards". I should add that Moira wasn't feeling well that day and normally not so stupid....she's actually very smart. I mean, she knows Italian hand gestures. This was also the day I told her she looked "crappy"..or maybe the word was "shitty". Anyways, that didn't go over too well with her. She showed me another hand gesture that day..this one is a little more well known.

UPDATE - I've just been informed by Moira that she never said "How you did that" and is claiming she said something more like "...hey, how did you do that". I mean..I guess it's possible..but it sure as hell isn't as funny.

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Lindsay said...

Moira is the idiot. I miss her already.