Thursday, March 06, 2008

Your hot tip of the day you're watching TV and a commercial comes on with a song that speaks to you. That defines who you are...a song that you swear, was written specially for you....and you're thinking....I want that song. But sadly you have no idea who it is, because in today's world commercial makers are bigger music snobs then those assholes at Yeah, that's right Pitchfork...I called you assholes. Every single one of ya. Ummm..So these commercial makers are finding more and more obscure shit out there...and it's good stuff. But tracking it down is sort of a pain in ass...until now. I found this great website that helps with tracking down that song. It gives you the song and the artist. Click here to check it out. Consider yourself lucky!

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ally said...

is that how you found that song you played on your iphone in my car?

i bought a not-mac. don't hit me.

hang out with me and give hugs instead.