Sunday, November 11, 2007

Make that gas of yours last.


Here are some tips for all of you to help stretch out your gas mileage.

1. Unload all the shit that's been collecting in your trunk like those golf clubs you bought 2 summers ago and never used. The extra weight burns up fuel.
2. If you are driving on the highways go 60 MPH and use your cruise control. No more 80 in a 65 zone.
3. Get an oil change and a tune up.
4. Make sure your tires are at the recommended PSI. Don't go by what it says on the tire. Open your driver side door and look for a sticker with a bunch information on it. This sticker will have the recommended PSI. While your down there you can clean out all the old french fries that dropped to the floor.
5. Don't be one of those dicks that thinks they have to use something other than regular unleaded. Regular unleaded is fine.
6. Use public transportation..duh.

There are a bunch of other things you can do and I'd list em here but then I'd just come across as sounding preachy. Lord knows that nobody likes it when people sounds preachy. Ahhhh...get it? Preachy? Lord knows?...nevermind.

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robin said...

also, drive less.