Sunday, November 18, 2007

Deep fried turkey

Deep fried turkey. The thought of those three words together makes my mouth salivate like Pavlov's dog....which is weird because I've never actually had turkey cooked this way...but the thought of it sounds good. I mean, I like turkey and I like things deep fried...soooo how can the two things combined be bad? The only real danger is cooking the damn thing. Which brings me to the point of todays post. With Thanksgiving around the corner I'm sure many of you will either entertain the thought of a deep fried turkey or actually do it. So if you are planning on actually doing this, I found this handy thing on the web that should help eliminate the dangers of a delicious deep fried turkey cooked to a crispy golden brown without all the hassles of calling 911. Sure, you're gonna have to buy some stuff at your local hardware store but look at all the fun you'll have putting it all together. Plus it's a lot more fun than sitting in the ER or sitting on the curb watching your home burn down. The device I'm talking about is a turkey derrick. What is a turkey derrick? Well according to Wikipedia, a derrick is a lifting device composed of one mast or pole which is hinged freely at the bottom. It is controlled by (usually 4) lines powered by some such means as man/woman-hauling or motors, so that the pole can move in all 4 directions. A line runs up it and over its top with a hook on the end, like with a crane. It is commonly used in docks and onboard ships. Some large derricks are mounted on dedicated vessels, and are often known as "floating derricks". Make one specially for the turkey..and woola! You got yourself a turkey derrick. Just click here for the info. Or you could do what I did last year which was buy some frozen pizzas and rent a crap load of DVD's. Enjoy.

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