Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Me and Hacksaw

Everyone has someone from their high school that "made it big" or is somewhat famous. My high school, which was Glens Falls high school located in upstate New York, can proudly say it's biggest celebrity is WWF superstar Jim "Hacksaw" Duggan. If you don't remember him, let me refresh your memory just in case the photo up top doesn't help. He was the one who'd wear the American flag over his shoulders, carry around a 2 x 4, yell "Hoooooo" from each corner of the ring and then give everyone the thumbs up followed by that weird face that reminded me of a constipated Snake Plisskin from ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK. Only Hacksaw didn't wear an eye patch...and he looks nothing like Kurt Russell. Okay, maybe he look a little like Kurt Russell...just a little. Sort of. Maybe.

I didn't know Hacksaw real well but I use to hang out with Hacksaw's nephew. We rode BMX bikes together and from time to time Hacksaw...or Jim as he liked to called when he wasn't being a WWF superstar, would show up while we were riding bikes and he'd say something like "hey boys..hows the bike riding". Then he'd charge us and put us in headlocks and then literally beat the living shit out of us. He didn't mean to beat the shit out of us. He was just having fun. But I think he'd forget that he wasn't "working" and just start shoving us around like we were trained professional wrestlers. No one ever got seriously hurt but I remember one time he knocked my Mountain Dew out of my hand and soda went into my eye. That sucked.

Before I go I'd like to mention that while I was typing this blog entry, some ass-fuck sitting next to me was playing a video game on his cell phone with the volume turned all the way up and it was driving me fucking crazy. It took everything I had to not say anything to him. I was this close (imagine my thumb and pointer finger barely touching) from pouring Mountain Dew into his eyes. Yeah, I was close.


Overated Local Celebrity DJ said...

damn you learn something new everyday. bob i got your back if you feel like kicking the crap out of the "gamer" sitting next to you.

Teva said...

When you delicately say, how did you describe it, oh yes, "Ass-Fuck" were you thinking of Superman? You are repressed, Bobby, very, very repressed.