Monday, February 26, 2007

It IS Robin Adams fault

Let me tell you a little bit about my friend Robin. Robin is an ex co-worker/ex band mate/ current colleague/ friend of mine. He loves small cars, seems like he's always going on a trip somewhere, was recently called "edgy" (he's kind of proud of that) and is a die hard Philadelphia Flyer's least I think he's die hard. He is loyal to his Cingular Wireless service (as I to Robin), loves garage rock, and is much much taller in person. Oh, and he also claims to be a really good bowler, actually I think he said he was a GREAT bowler. And he also claims to make a "mean" chili. I can pretty much vouch for everything except the bowling or the chili.

I recently set my AIM away message to "It's Robin Adams fault" and walked away to a meeting. When I returned I found an IM from my friend Jennie with this little story:

"I don't know Robin Adams very well, but I once subbed for a radio show right after his and he left such a disgusting mess in the studio that I complained about it on the air for several minutes--I believe I used those exact words, "it's Robin Adams fault."

just thought I'd share that."

Thank you for sharing that story Jennie.

Look at him in that photo. Damn him and his stupid life of luxury.


Anonymous said...

I love you. remember that time you took defensive driving with MY MOM!?
- Katieeee. Saxton.

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm not sure if i want to go through this case by case but I will have to defend my good name.

I am an excellent bowler.

My chili is really top notch.

I would NEVER leave the radio station a mess. MAYBE. MAYBE I might have during my freshman year of college but I'm a very neat and clean person. Mostly. I treat our airwaves with respect. I even donated to NPR and never got my promised totebag. Did I complain? No. I was happy just to give the money.

But, yeah. Most other things. My fault. Sorry 'bout that.