Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swimming is hard.

I started swimming today as part of my daily workout routine. When did swimming become so freaking hard? Going up and down those lanes looks a whole lot easier on TV than it actually is.

Thankfully a nice layer of fat helped me stay afloat. Without it I would have drowned.


Kristina said...

this is hilarious.

also: i really miss you. i'll be in saratoga soon to do research. you want to hang out?

K Pugliano said...

Swimming is what keeps me from trying to do a solo triathlon. Someday.

You are too funny. Love reading your blog!

Daniel B. said...

True story. Fished a fat guy out of a lake after he had a boating accident.

The fat kept him alive - warm and buoyant in the frigid January waters. His companion, of significant but not equivalent size, was not so lucky.

As far as your new exercise regimen, it's never to early to stop.

madeleine said...

Don't do it Bobby C! Swimming is the devil!

Anonymous said...

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