Friday, January 02, 2009

"your kiss is on my list" - Hall and Oats

2008 Guilty Pleasures (no specific order)
-Subway meatball subs with green peppers.
-The first three songs on Weezers Red album.
-Starbucks espresso.
-Reading magazines and comic books at Borders.
-Aerosmith ballads.
-Value menu at Taco Bell.
-Shoving Q-Tips into my ear (it's dangerous!).
-Reading the newspaper at Stewarts and eating a hot dog.
-Spam (it's not as awful as you'd think).
-Sleeping till 8:30am.

2008 Non Guilty Pleasures (again, no specific order)
-Singing the song Sandy from the Grease soundtrack with my daughter.
-Showing people photos of my daughter (yes, I'm one of those parents).
-Ace Of Cakes on the Food Network.
-Naps (I looove naps. I embrace the nap).
-Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network.
-Monk (tv show).
-Re-discovering The Red Hot Chili Peppers(self titled), Freaky Styly, Uplift Mofo Party Plan and Mothers Milk by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
-Ally Brisbins blog.
-Monday night bowling league.
-Free lift tickets (it's the only way I can ski this year so keep em coming).

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ally said...


i am seriously, truly, honestly honored.

also, Holland Oats sings that song. don't you know anything about music?