Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hear ye! Hear Ye!

I recently heard a rumor about me from my friend Doc, who heard it from someone else, that I'm part of one of those clubs that dresses up on weekends as one of those 18th century knights and does battle with other sword wielding folks. Weird, right? One part of me is sort of impressed that a rumor like this can exist while another part of me is sort of pissed. What kind of cheap nerd do you think I am? If I were to do anything like that it definitely wouldn't be any of that knight bullshit. Obviously I'd be wielding a lightsaber dressed as a badass Jedi. Some people have no idea who the fuck I am.

So out of pure stupidity I made a mistake. I said 18th century when I meant 12th century.

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Anonymous said...

18th century do you think? Really?