Saturday, June 21, 2008

There's no z's in basil..not in my book about that last post. That is what happens when you try to post something through your cellphone. I guess I'll just leave it up to show the whole world how incompetent I am.

Here's what I was trying to post.

The word in the delicious herb that is one of the main ingredients in pesto.

Do you pronounce it basil as in BAY-zil.

Or do you say basil as in BAZZ-il.

I've heard both and honestly..I get a little pissy when they pronounce it BAZZ-il.

Hey man, I just do.


David said...

Hannah and her mom both pronounce it Bay-Sull... Which is so weird! I always say bay-zuhl.

ally said...

i'm on david's side.

radams said...


Also: He's BAH-zuhl.

Anonymous said...

BAZZ-il is the way the Brits do it, so most Americans pronouncing it Bazz-il are probably deserving of your hatred.

Anonymous said...

It's baz'il (with the "a" pronounced as in "add") in the 1945 edition of Webster's dictionary. That was the common pronunciation when Basil Rathbone was popular. Since then the "a" sound has become long (who started this? I'd like to know!) People named "Basil" still prefer the short "a" sound.