Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crane Machine

I thought this was a little weird. I found these images on the side of a crane machine at the mall the other day. A cute little armless robot and green elephant hanging out with a busty tattooed lady all hanging out together.

Here she is with a bunch of other cute things piled into a taxicab. No one is wearing a seatbelt and they are obviously way too many people packed into the car. And where did the green elephant go?


Dan said...

First, what's a crane machine? Second, good call on the recklessness (and seediness) being promoted on the machine. My theory..someone accidentally switched the intended cartoons with the artwork contained in a 14 year old boy's math notebook.

Daniel B. said...

Not enough room in the yellow car. The green elephant had to take the red car.

I've got the proof right here.

K Pugliano said...

Were you riding your bike on Sunday? I think I passed you - you were going down the hill as I was going up.

Hermy Hermit said...