Friday, August 14, 2009

Life is boring so shuffle your iPod

Out of sheer laziness to post anything about my day today..and the fact that I live an uninteresting life as you can tell from older posts. I've decided to show you the first 10 songs on my iPod when I put it on shuffle.

Trust me....this beats my original post about how I really think the USA Network has the best shows on television. Which is true. It does.

1) The English Beat - Save it for later
2) Hot Snakes - Braintrust
3) The Pernice Brothers - Dumb it down
4) The Jam - The Place I love
5) Fugazi - Provisional
6) Phoenix - Girlfriend
7) Sebadoh - Magnets coil
8) Lenka - The show
9) Saves The Day - Freakish
10) Beulah - A good man is easy to kill


david said...

dude USA has some really great shows like Burn Notice did you see the last episode? Man! No spoilers, but it was great! (AND SOMEONE DIES!)

Hermy Hermit said...

I only know the Phoenix track. You should get a account and share some of that shyte. Information wants to be freee!

Daniel B. said...

I really want to read the USA post. Psych, Burn Notice, Royal Pains... and they are all on Hulu. Guilty pleasures, to be sure. Buy pleasures nonetheless.