Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What the hell was in that bag?

In an attempt to be a nice person today I ended up being a bad person. I held the door open for a woman today and as she approached the door she gave me a look, which looked more like a snarl, and told me she didn't need help from a man and that it was typical of a me to assume that she needed the door held. So like any good man, I let go of the door and walked away. The door closed on her bag that apparently had something special in it and crushed whatever it was. I heard this sound that sounded like a plastic cup being crushed and then she lost her shit and started screaming about the contents of her bag. Once the door had her bag thoroughly pinned she then started to cry. I tried to help her but she told me to go away and then threw a pen at me. Luckily for me she had lousy aim and missed me because that pen could have easily been a hatchet. Or bullet.

See what happens when you try to be nice.

Not the actual angry pen throwing woman.
Photo borrowed from my friend Ally's blog to help you get a mental image of what occurred today. Just imagine an angry face instead of the face of a happy grandma who just gave you a birthday card with your name misspelled and a dollar in it.


Charlotte said...

Wow. I'm sorry you were treated so rudely for being a nice guy but it's a pretty good story!

ally said...

did you laugh at her? she deserved it.

instant karma totally got her.

Jeff Fox said...

you should have kicked her in the twat to top it off. KAPOW!!!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard I nearly fell off the bed! Your post and then Jeff's comment......excellent!