Monday, November 24, 2008

Cat and Roomba not funny

So I owe all of you an apology. I watched that video I posted earlier today and realized that it's not only boring as shit, but doesn't come close to inspiring you to buy a cat or a roomba. If anything it gives you reasons to not even bother. So yeah, sorry about that.

I started off my day at the dentist today. I wanted to take photos and post them here but wasn't sure if it would be alright. So I didn't bother asking. I did ask if I could have a mirror next time so I could watch. They seemed pretty cool with that. So we'll see. I guess we'll find out when I go back in May for my 6 month check up.

I'm one day away from Thanksgiving break. I can't wait. I need this time off to clear my head. Of course the flip side of all of this is dealing with my dysfunctional family. So I'm not sure which is worse. I'll try to take lots of photos.

The best part of the break will be hanging out with my daughter a couple of extra days. So that'll be cool and well worth watching my little brother eat all of the stuffing in one sitting. Like he does every year. I must admit. It is impressive.

I'm writing this entry at my local Borders and the town crack addict just walked in and started picking up magazines and put them up to his ear as if he was talking on a phone. He's now standing in front of me pretending to type and laughing hysterically. I think that's my cue to leave.


ally said...

who's the town crack addict? and why don't i remember him?

Lily said...

Same question.

Also, Borders?!?!

Lily said...

Just Kidding. I love Border's. And miss the Toga one. The hundreds here just aren't the same.