Wednesday, July 23, 2008

You think I'll be in IMDB?

I've been keeping this a bit of secret for awhile now because I wanted to make sure it was actually going to happen. Some people knew about it..but that's only because I either needed some advice or I was tired about hearing how great their life was. Well, I can now say it's actually going to happen. Over the past month I've been working out details with a production company for them to use a song I wrote back when I played in a band called Dryer. The movie is a documentary called America The Beautiful and the song they are using is called "MTV". It looks pretty interesting, and I'm not just saying that because they are using one of my songs. Here's what they say at

Director Darryl Roberts' provocative documentary examines America's fixation with outward appearance and the unrealistic standards of beauty dictated to the public by the media, pop culture and the fashion industry. Featuring interviews with fashion experts, media personalities and celebrities such as Mena Suvari and Aisha Tyler, the film looks at everything from plastic surgery's growing popularity to widespread concerns about eating disorders.

Interesting, right? It comes out on August 1st and it looks like it'll have a limited release in the United States. After that it seems it's going to go directly to DVD.....unless the movie gets picked up by a worldwide distributor. (Fingers crossed) Please get picked up, please get picked up, please get picked up. If it doesn't get picked up..well then sadly there will be no red carpet stroll for me. Hey, I'll be happy with a free copy of the DVD. And if I must, I'll even settle for previously viewed copy for $5.99.

You can check out the movies website here. I've also taken the liberty of posting the trailer below. Sadly the trailer does not include a clip of my song. It should. But it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

imdb doubtful my friend... but cool nonetheless...

ally said...

i forgot to tell you congratulations last night.