Thursday, May 01, 2008

I want my mother f*cking hat!

Remember that knit hat I was all excited about?  I talked about it a few posts looked like R2-D2?  Remember?  Yeah, well I never got it.  Apparently my friend who was knitting it for me neglected to tell me that she tends to lose interest in things quickly, and my hat...which I was planning on giving to my one of those things.  I even paid for the materials.  At this point she wouldn't be able to wear it until next year..when it's cold again.  Luckily she made the hat a little bit big.  So in a year, when my daughters noggin is bigger, the hat will be done (hopefully) and it will fit her.  Because if I don't get that hat..there is gonna be hell to hear that hat knitting girl?  Hell to pay.

Today I found out that it's possible to crap mexican food all day long.  It didn't help that I ate mexican food leftovers for's sort of like re-loading.  Sorry.

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